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Lumen is a unique patent prosecution firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Founded in 1994, our team of patent prosecutors has helped build high-tech patent portfolios for top-tier universities as well as for an impressive array of start-ups and medium-sized companies across the U.S. and beyond.

Whether your objective is patent licensing, acquisition opportunities, or protecting proprietary innovations, our highly-skilled team possesses both the technical and legal experience to secure enforceable patents for your venture.

As a Lumen client, you will benefit in many ways from our distinctive practice:

  • Our simple, flat-fee billing model is based on clearly-defined projects and deliverables, providing you with cost-effective portfolio development, transparent budgeting and streamlined invoicing.

  • We provide a suite of complimentary services to support your company’s success, including strategic meetings with your technical staff, board of directors, and investors.

  • With our advanced degrees in various sciences, we quickly understand your high-tech inventions, ensuring a sound patent strategy and optimizing the efforts of your technical team.

  • At each stage of prosecution, an up-to-date electronic file wrapper (edocket) is provided to you, conveniently including the entire prosecution history in a single PDF file to simplify your record keeping.

  • Our simple yet powerful web engine provides you with 24/7 access to your entire patent portfolio records at Lumen, also allowing management of patents during prosecution and maintenance.

  • In addition to prosecution services, Lumen operates its own sophisticated in-house annuity management and payment system, Zinuity, to ensure that your issued patents around the world remain in good standing.

Lumen’s excellent patent services have not gone unnoticed. As Luis Mejia, a senior associate at Stanford’s Office of Technology Licensing puts it, “Lumen is always thinking outside the box.”

We feel great pride and honor serving our clients and helping them build the important patent assets proven essential to the intellectual economy of the 21st century.

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Patent Agent

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Managing Partner
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